Automatically create funny video or greeting e-card with your boss' or friend's face, audio and background

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About OurQFace TM
Download OurQFace Free 1.0 (5-star) now! OurQFace creates funny humorous video or greeting e-card with your friend's or boss' face, music and background as follows:

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Baby Obama Gangnam Style Dance into White House!

See how baby Obama sang and did the Gangnam Style horse-riding dance into the White House!

1. Face A BMP or JPG image file containing your friend's or boss' face.
2. Audio / Music An audio file (.mid .mp3 .wav .wma) containing music, song or any other sound
3. Background A BMP (bitmap) or JPG (JPEG) image file.
4. Video Template An AVI (audio-video interface) video file containing one or more face patterns. You can edit the images here also.

  Provide your inputs in several mouse clicks. OurQFace ("Our-Cute-Face") software will then automatically combine all your inputs into your own video file with sound within minutes! The face patterns will be replaced by your friend's or boss' face. Have fun with your friend or boss by putting in his or her face, and send or share to everyone else! You can also send the video as Christmas or New Year greeting cards (electronic cards). View the following examples now:

Put your boss' or friend's face into the video automatically with OurQFace now!
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View more funny video automatically created by OurQFace from various video templates: movies, games, music and dances, soccer, sports, ...

Baby Obama vs Libya Gaddafi

Baby Obama definitely put in all his effort to help the courageous Libyan people in the fight against dictator Gaddafi at Tripoli, Libya capital. Unfortunately, he is let down by US Congress stupid China policy as usual ...

Baby Obama Line Dance at Egypt

See how baby Obama sang and line danced in front of the ancient Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, forcing Mubarak to quit and shock the world! Witness and enjoy this great victory of the Egyptian people now!

Baby Obama Dances With Wolves

With superior weapons of bow, arrow and axe, Baby Obama easily took care of the two cute little wolves 'Afghanistan' and 'Iraq', until he ran into the big bad wolf of China communism ... Enjoy Dances With Wolves of the North America wild west again now!

Obama USA Will Out-run Other World Powers

Must see! With Obama leading the race, see how USA would have easily knocked out the European powers, taken advantage of the rise of China mainland, and then pretended to be a good guy to save China mainland from the petty Japan!

Obama in The Matrix

Obama plugs into The Matrix, battles bad guy Smith at Tian An Men, Bei-Jing, China, and saves the world! Enjoy The Matrix again now!

And finally you can make good use of your photographs of the wonders of the world taken with your digital cameras during your tours. Use your photos as the background!

If your friends are around, remember to take a few shots of their faces with your digital cameras also.

Need an unique video? For those of you who are more adventurous and creative, OurQFace software comes with a Video Template Editor to let you create your own unique video template or edit the existing video template. You can then share or sell your created video template!

Launched on 07 Dec 2009, OurQFace software is an Automatic Video Production software based on our patented key technology: Singapore Patent and International Patent Application . Our vision is for OurQFace software to enable individuals, free-lancers, as well as other companies and organisations to efficiently produce creative and funny video contents which they can share the fun or sell for profits.

OurQFace Roadmap
Version Description Year of Release
1.0 First working version 2009
1.1 User-friendly version 2015
1.2 International Multi-language version 2015
1.3 to 1.4 Multiple face and facial expression version 2015
2.0 Web-based version 2016
3.0 Mobile version 2017