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Baby Obama Dances With Wolves

With superior weapons of bow, arrow and axe, Baby Obama easily took care of the two cute little wolves 'Afghanistan' and 'Iraq', until he ran into the big bad wolf of China communism ... Enjoy Dances With Wolves of the North America wild west again now!

Obama in The Matrix

Obama plugs into The Matrix, battles bad guy Smith at Tian An Men, Bei-Jing, China, and saves the world! Enjoy The Matrix again now!

Baby Obama Once Upon Time China 1

Baby Obama led a group of American babies to demostrate Chinese martial arts Kung Fu moves early in the morning along a beach in front of a rising sun. Enjoy the famous screens in the movie 'Once Upon Time China 1' , also known as 'Huang Fei Hong 1' or 'Nan Er Dang Zhi Qiang' from Baby Obama again now!

Baby Obama vs Libya Gaddafi

Baby Obama definitely put in all his effort to help the courageous Libyan people in the fight against dictator Gaddafi at Tripoli, Libya capital. Unfortunately, he is let down by US Congress stupid China policy as usual ...

Baby Obama Fighting a See-saw War at Libya, North Africa

Baby Obama, together with the anti-Qaddafi rebels, are fighting a see-saw war against Qaddafi in the desert of Libya, North Africa. See how they advance on one day, only to be forced to retreat on another day, again and again ... The NATO (No Action Talk Only) allies are of little help and definitely useless ...

Obama vs Khadafy at Libya No Fly Zone

Must see! Witness the dog-fight in the no fly zone above Libya capital, Tripoli, between Obama's F22 fighter plane and Libya dictator Colonel Khadafy's mainland Junk Twenty (J-20) fighter plane now!

Obama's Angry Little Birds at Libya

Must see! Witness how the angry little birds of Obama bombarded Gaddafi stronghold and helped the Libya National Transitional Council to bring the gang of bad guys green fat pigs and Gaddafi down to their kneels! Game over Gaddafi! Well done Arab Spring!

Obama vs Angry Little Birds

See how Obama and his gang of green greedy Wall Street fat pigs survived the attacks of the angry little powerless red, yellow, blue and white birds, only to be crushed by the mighty USA eagle! Game over Obama!
Music and Dances

Baby Obama Gangnam Style Dance into White House!

See how baby Obama sang and did the Gangnam Style horse-riding dance into the White House!

Baby Obama Line Dance at Egypt

See how baby Obama sang and line danced in front of the ancient Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, forcing Mubarak to quit and shock the world! Witness and enjoy this great victory of the Egyptian people now!

Baby Obama Makarela Dance

Obama is a genius since he was still a baby! He could entertain. He could perform. See his 'utimate contribution' to Indonesia Menteng before he left for USA!

Obama Makarela Dance

Obama visited Indonesia and put up a show. He had enjoyed living in Indonesia Menteng when he was still a child. See what he had given back to the land of Indonesia Menteng ...
Soccer, World Cup and Sports

World cup 2014 Obama USA 3 Ghana 0

See how un-stoppable Obama would have given USA 3-0 victory over Ghana in world cup 2014. Even a red card can hardly 'block' him! Enjoy now!

World cup 2014 Obama USA 3 Germany 0

See how USA could have beaten Germany 3-0 in world cup 2014 with Obama around in Brazil to put up an impressive 'show' to shock the world! Enjoy now!

World Cup 2014 Obama USA 3 Portugal 0

See how USA Obama kicked Portugal butt and thrashed them 3-0 in Brazil World Cup 2010! Enjoy soccer now!
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Soccer: Obama USA vs Brazil

Must see! World champion Brazil easily beat USA soccer team, even with witty Obama around. See how Obama exposed all his weaknesses due to his lousy China policy!

Obama USA Will Out-run Other World Powers

Must see! With Obama leading the race, see how USA would have easily knocked out the European powers, taken advantage of the rise of China mainland, and then pretended to be a good guy to save China mainland from the petty Japan!
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Baby Obama

Must see! See what Obama gives to the world, ever since his birthday celebration in Indonesia Menteng long long ago ...
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Christmas and New Year

Merry Christmas (Jingle Bell) from Baby Obama

Baby Obama led the leaders of Japan, Germany, Britain and China to wish everybody Merry Christmas, at Tian An Men, Beijing, China, using their backside!

Merry Christmas from Obama, Bush and Wen Jia Bao

Obama, Bush and Wen Jia Bao wish you a merry Christmas, after global warming melts the mountain ice and grassland turns into dersert. Bush, as usual, makes a fool of himself ...
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Terminator I

Happy Chinese New Year from Baby Obama and Wen Jia Bao

While China Wen Jia Bao was busy scratching his own backside in front of the Great Wall of China, check out the 'surprising gift' baby Obama gave to him in return for his Chinese New Year red packet money... Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from Obama and Wen Jia Bao (Gong Xi Ni)

Obama and Wen Jia Bao overcome poisonous gas and crack their heads to wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year. Enjoy now!
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