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For free Internet advertisement, you can trade links with us!

You can advertise in the video files created by OurQFace software. OurQFace software can place your advertising video in near to first 5 seconds (excluding the first image) or near to last 5 seconds of the created video files. You can also place running text along the bottom edge of the created video. Your advertisement will then be shown to the viewers when the video files are shared by our users. Advertisement Rates here are from Singapore dollar S$20 to S$100 per month.

    You may also advertise directly in this web-site, where our users will be visiting frequently for updates and new video templates. Advertisement Rates here are from Singapore dollar S$20 to S$100 per month.

For detailed advertisement rates and to discuss further, please complete and submit the following on-line form for an appointment.

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  1. You must enable Active Content (or JavaScript) to submit this form.
  2. * For identification purpose, you must also provide your name and email.
  3. We reserve all rights, including the rights to reject advertisement which we consider unacceptable. Under all circumtances, we will not be responsible for any of your loss, and we will not require to compensate you.
  4. We may take 5 to 10 working days to response.

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