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We welcome investors with the relevent experience or interest in automatic video production to join us. Investors can expect to be invited to join us after we have built up a library of video templates, grown a large enough user base, signed a number of partnerships, and attracted significant advertisements.

    We also welcome companies, organisations or individuals with products or services relevent to our software to partner with us. Possible partnerships are as follows:

  • Partnership in Advertisement Sales
  • Partnership in promoting your greeting electronic e-cards or video
  • Partnership in promoting your music or songs
  • Partnership for you to run non-English Web-sites on OurQFace software
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    OurQFace Malay Web-site You may have this!
    OurQFace Indonesian Web-site You may have this!
    OurQFace Tamil Web-site You may have this!
    OurQFace Arabian Web-site You may have this!

  • Partnership by trading links to our and your web-sites
  • Partnership in promoting your Video Template
  • Any other partnership you can think of
To know more about us, please visit our company web-site at for more information.

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