Automatically create funny video or greeting e-card with your boss' or friend's face, audio and background

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About Video Template Editor

A video template is an AVI (audio-video interface) file with file extension .avi. For example: HapyBirthDay.avi. Our Video Template Editor, which comes together with OurQFace software, is a video editing software for you to edit and create your own video template file as follows:

    With our Video Template Editor, you can convert our sample video template file or any other video template file into a series of BMP image files (bitmaps). You can then edit or delete each of the BMP file, using any image editor or image editing software. You can also add one or more new BMP files.

Finally, you can use our Video Template Editor to convert your series of BMP files back into your own new video template file.

You may then:

  1. Use your video template file to create your own video file using OurQFace software.
  2. Share your video template file with your friends, relatives or other contacts.
  3. Sell your video template file.

You may also use any other video editors, video editing software, image editors or image editing software to edit your video templates and images.