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Share or Sell Your Video Template

Have you created a funny video template? Why not share it with the world? Better still, you may also sell it for some income!

We can help you to share and promote your video template by listing it under this web-site. All you need is to submit the following form with information about your video template to be published on this web-site. Note that:

  1. You must enable Active Content (or JavaScript) to submit this form.
  2. * For identification purpose, you must also provide your actual name, email and address. However, these will not be published.
  3. We will only hyper-link to your video template, your first image and your audio, music or song. You will still own the copyright to your video template or audio. We will not host your video template nor audio, music nor song.
  4. Your video template should preferably be created using "(No Compression)".

        Your created video template should then be zipped or compressed into a ZIP file.

    Video template file size
    of 2.5 Mega-bytes or more
    after zipped or compressed
    are considered too big and
    will be rejected.

  5. The submited video template must be of reasonable length to be acceptable. The video template must also include enough face patterns detectable by OurQFace software.
  6. We reserve all rights, including the rights to reject video templates which we consider unacceptable. Under all circumtances, we will not be responsible for any of your loss, and we will not require to compensate you.
  7. We may take 5 to 10 working days to response.

OurQFace Video Template Submission

Please read our Privacy Policy before submitting this form.

Your Name*:

Your Email*:

Your Address*: Include your nation or country name

Video Template Name: Give a name (255 characters or less) to your video template:

Video Template Author: Give a name (255 characters or less) as author of your video template:

Description: Give a short description (100 words or less) to your video template:

Audio: A name or description of the suggested audio, music or song to play with your video template, including the language of the song, if applicable:

Video Template URL: A hyperlink, an URL or a web-page to download your video template
(submission with invalid hyperlink, URL or web-page will be ignored):

Video Template File Size: Video template file size in KB or MB:

Audio URL: A hyperlink, an URL or a web-page to download the suggested audio, music or song to play with your video template, if applicable:

First Image URL: A hyperlink, an URL or a web-page to the first image of your video template:

Share or sell: I am the submited video template

Any other remarks:

Be The First 100 OurQFace Video Template Pioneers!

The first 100 submited and accepted video template will be honoured as the pioneers of OurQFace Video Template. These 100 pioneers will be recorded in a special web-page of this OurQFace web-site for free! So don't miss this chance for your name to be associated with a new product!

If you are thinking of selling your own video templates as a business, attending this pioneer status will definitely be helpful!

To offer some suggestions, you may create video templates for one or more of the following:

  1. Soccer, e.g. World Cup
  2. House warming or other parties
  3. Music video for any pop song
  4. New Born Baby
  5. Teacher's Day
  6. Valentine Day
  7. Wedding or Engagement
  8. Happy Chinese New Year
  9. Any other potentially funny stuff you can think of ...