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[May 2014]

We focus on automatic video production technology for individuals to create and edit their own video clips. This is a niche, different from Hollywood animation producers which focus on technology for them to produce long-duration movies.

  OurQFace software requirements of enjoyable video template means it is suitable for free-lance, part-time and/or flexi-time jobs.

We will be welcoming talents with the relevent experience suitable for automatic video production to contact us.

The following are some areas we will need talents:

  • Software R&D: VC++, DirectX, image and video processing, Agile, project management
  • Music and/or song (Engish, Chinese, Cantonese, Hockien, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Tamil, e.t.c.) production. Need talents who can sing, play musical instrument(s) or have stage performance experience
  • Video Template production

Please visit our company web-site at for our job openings then.

For enquiries, please submit here