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Freelance Part-time Image/Video Editing Work (Students Welcome)
(Location: Anywhere in the world)


  1. This is a freelance part-time work. You are paid for each Video Template, together with your copyrights, you produce and sell to our company Gemini Info Pte Ltd . You must own the copyrights of the Video Template.

  2. You are not the employee of Gemini Info Pte Ltd. Hence, there is no employee benefits (example: no Central Provident Fund contribution, e.t.c.)

  3. You will need to edit each image within the Video Template. This work is not difficult but you will need to be creative so that the images tell an interesting story. With experience, one should be able to create at least one Video Template with 24 hour of work.

  4. Once accepted by us, we pay Singapore dollar S$50 to S$100 for a complete Video Template and its copyrights.
        Non-Singapore payment will be made through PayPal at the prevailing exchange rate of major currencies. The Video Template must be as follows:

    • Contain funny or interesting contents. You are advised to consult your friends or relatives to see the results first
    • Contain mostly drawn contents, that is, cartoons.
    • Images for the first 5 seconds and last 5 seconds of the Video Template are not counted. They can be empty images.
    • Contain 40 to 200 images (excluding images for the first 5 seconds and last 5 seconds of the Video Template). We pay S$50 for 40 images (with at least 20 obviously unique images) and more for images requiring more work.
    • Contain at least 20 obviously unique images
    • Contain at least 10 face patterns and can work with OurQFace software
    • Each image must be at least 320 x 240 pixel
    • Each image must not be bigger than 400 x 300 pixel
    • Play at a rate of at least 2 image per second
    • Play for between 25 to 60 seconds, including the first 5 seconds and last 5 seconds of possibly empty images.
    • Save as bitmap BMP file.
    • No audio, music or sound is needed.
    • Please refer to our Video Template samples and the created video samples for examples.

  5. We will have to reject Video Templates which cannot work with OurQFace software. You are advised to download and try the OurQFace software and our Video Template Editor first to understand how the Video Templates work with the OurQFace software. You may use our Video Template Editor or any other video editing software to produce the Video Template.

  6. We may reject Video Templates which are deemed not suitable or duplicated. You are advised to propose to us first the Video Templates you wish to produce and sell to us, before you put in your effort.

  7. We may reject Video Templates with quality not up to our expectation. You are advised to show us at least 3 obviously unique images of your Video Template first before you put in effort to produce the complete Video Template.

  8. For those Video Templates not accepted by us, you, as the copyright owner, may promote them and/or sell them to others on your own. Please refer to Share or Sell Your Video Template page.

  9. Once accepted by us, we reserve all rights to further edit the Video Template.

  10. We reserve all rights to amend the preceding terms without notice. We also reserve all rights and options to accept or reject your Video Template.

If you accept the preceding terms, you may register your interest to produce and sell your Video Template (inclusive of the copyright) to us by submitting the following form.

We regret that we can only reply to short-listed freelancers / part-timers. Your submission is considered as void if you do not receive our reply within 5 working days.

OurQFace Freelance Part-time Image/Video Editing Work Submission

Please read our Privacy Policy before submitting this form.

Your Name*:
(same as your bank account for cheque payment)

Your NRIC or passport number*:

Your Email*:

Your phone number*:

Your Address*:

You want to be paid in *:
Your Student or Working Status: Working/Others

Your current school:

Your current course:

Video Template Name: Give a name (255 characters or less) to your proposed video template:

Description: Give a short description (200 words or less) on the contents of your proposed video template. Why is it fun? Why is it interesting? Why viewers will want to share it?
(submission with meaning-less description will be ignored)

Audio: A name or description of the suggested audio, music or song to play with your proposed video template, including the language of the song, if applicable:

Video Template Duration Video template will play for seconds
Any other remarks: