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Video: Obama vs Angry Little Birds
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to hear the audio
Greenhorn Obama and his gang of green greedy Wall Street bankers, fat cats and pigs had stolen the golden nest eggs and greenbacks of all the inhabitants in USA! They are hiding in their Wall Street bank buildings.

Now all the little powerless USA people are very angry. The little powerless birds who laid the eggs in the nests are also very angry!

See how Obama and his gang of green greedy Wall Street fat pigs survived the attacks of the angry little powerless red, yellow, blue and white birds, only to be crushed by the mighty USA eagle!

Game over Obama!

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How this video was produced ...
First we thought of producing a video to show the failure of Obama's financial policy, which diminished the nest eggs and greenbacks of all the inhabitants in USA, and only enriched the greedy Wall Street bankers and fat cats. To make it interesting, we decided to make it similar to some popular computer games. With the little powerless angry USA people occupying Wall Street in year 2011 and protesting against the greedy Wall Street bankers and fat cats hiding in their Wall Street bank buildings, it came to us that we could produce a video template that looked like angry little powerless birds bombarding the gang of green greedy Wall Street pigs hiding in their wooden hut and concrete building.

Once the video images were completed, we also had to assemble the sound effects for the corresponding video images into a .wav audio file.

Finally we added Obama's face, get a Wall Street image as the background, and then ... Voila! Together with the video template and the audio file, OurQFace software automatically completed this video for us.

You can also download OurQFace Free 1.0 software and the following Video Template or other Video Templates to automatically put your friend's face and your own background image into the video to have more fun! Click here to learn about OurQFace software now.

Download Video Template and Corresponding Audio Description and Suggestion Angry Little Birds 2 (597 KB)

AngryLittleBirds.wav audio
(102 KB)

Are your husband, wife or friend addicted to computer games and neglected his or her home? Are you angry with him or her? Turn him or her into a green dirty fat pig living in wooden pig hut and stone pig enclave now! Then get the angry little birds to crush his or her dirty pig home!

Suggest you use a place familar to you and your husband, your wife or all your friends as background

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