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Video: Happy Chinese New Year from Obama and Wen Jia Bao (Gong Xi Ni)
Remember to turn on your speakers
to hear the audio
With comedy Obama around, USA can definitely handle whoever, whether old or new, the communists appoint to head the China mainland easily ...

See previously Obama and the former head of China mainland Wen Jia Bao overcame the polluted air of China mainland capital Beijing and cracked their heads together to wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year. Enjoy yourself now!

Also see Happy Chinese New Year from Baby Obama and Wen Jia Bao

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How this video was produced ...
China mainland has a new leader Xi Jinping! Of cause we must produce a video template to remember what the previous Wen Jia Bao had done with USA Obama for Chinese New Year ...

Once the video images were completed, we also had to assemble the sound effects for the corresponding video images into a .wav audio file.

Finally we added Wen Jia Bao's face, got an image of the BirdsNest, Beijing, China mainland capital as the background, and then ... Voila! Together with the video template and the audio file, OurQFace software automatically completed this video for us.

You can also download OurQFace Free 1.0 software and the following Video Template or other Video Templates to automatically put your friend's face and your own background image into the video to have more fun! Click here to learn about OurQFace software now.

Download Video Template and Corresponding Audio Description and Suggestion Obama Happy Chinese New Year
(Gong Xi Ni) (335 KB)

GongXiNi.wav audio
(111 KB)

Let Obama and your friend overcome poisonous gas and crack their heads to wish everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year.

Suggest using your school or office as background and use your own Chinese New Year song

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