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Video: Baby Obama Once Upon Time China 1
Remember to turn on your speakers
to hear the audio
In response to the group of Chinese children in China practising the Michael Jackson dance moves during school hours, Baby Obama led a group of American babies to demostrate Chinese martial arts Kung Fu moves early in the morning along a beach in front of a rising sun.

This is to tell the Chinese: "You learn from me, I learn from you. You scratch my backside, I scratch your backside".

Enjoy the famous screens of "Once Upon Time China 1" , also known as "Huang Fei Hong 1" or "Nan Er Dang Zhi Qiang" from Baby Obama again now! Remember to turn on your speakers to hear the song ... lyrics sang like "Huang Fei Hong 1" or "Nan Er Dang Zhi Qiang" in Chinese as follows:

Ao Qi Mian Dui Wan Chong Lang     Re Xie Xiang Na Hong Ri Guang
Dan Shi Tie Ta Gu Ru Jin Gang
Xiong Jin Bai Jin Chang Yuan Guan Wan Li Chang
Wo Fa Feng Tu Qiang Zou Hao Han
Zou Ge Hao Han Zi Mei Tian Yao Zhi Qiang
Re Xie Nan Er Han Pi Tai Yang Gen Kuan

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How this video was produced ...
First we thought of producing a video similar to the movie "Once Upon Time China 1" or "Huang Fei Hong 1". While there were many fighting screens in the movie, we felt that the part in the movie when hundreds of Chinese trainees practiced martial arts along a beach with a rising sun was the most inspiring. It follows that replacing the trainees with babies will be the most entertaining ...

Next we would need a popular song to go with the video template to remind people of the movie immediately. This of cause could only be the theme music of the movie. We altered the lyrics for the song to be sung with a baby voice, and then recorded the song into a .wav audio file.

Finally we added Obama's face, got an image of a beach with a rising morning sun as the background, and then ... Voila! Together with the video template and the audio file, OurQFace software automatically completed this video for us.

You can also download OurQFace Free 1.0 software and the following Video Template or other Video Templates to automatically put your friend's face and your own background image into the video to have more fun! Click here to learn about OurQFace software now.

Download Video Template and Corresponding Audio Description and Suggestion Once Upon Time China Baby 1 (1342 KB)

OnceUponTimeChinaBaby1.wav audio
(103 KB)

See your baby friend demostrating Chinese martial arts Kung Fu moves and kicks together with other baby Kung Fu masters!

Suggest you use your friend's school, or your national icon as the background, together with the music and song of "Huang Fei Hong 1" or "Nan Er Dang Zhi Qiang".

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